[Brun] I get my shit together and deliver to you (the fans) the first 25 (blue industrial) of these lovely hand printed Swayzak vs Greta Cottage Workshop.

180 grams of vinyl loveliness packed in lined paper sleeves , lovingly hand printed by yes me in my living quarters and not some kids in china !

In these days of austerity (well here in the uk anyway) , we are going back to the roots of the music , and something extra.....art - the first art i did since i was around 15 ! not that long ago :)

An enjoyable process so far , apart from the rsi it makes light of the linear digital files uploaded distributed and forgotten. This is art and music in one:
the music is art - is the art music ?

Already top seller thru phonica records london . the music speaks for itself and the art - well make up your mind , and make it quick please!
originally a 300 copy record 200 for the dj stores and 100 for you ....

4 editions of 25 . so get the blue or next will be green / brown / black buy all four if you wish ?

Comes in a 450g polythene sleeve to protect the genius work

Cost £6.99 plus shipping

uk - £3.50
eu - 4.50
USA - £7.00
japan - £7.00
rest - £7.00

next up will be fashion and there is a limited teeshirt to come
Swayzak can be found in the following places

James Swayzak - Zanzibar Omsk Russia 30th Oct
Sunday Club, The Basement, East Village, London 31st Oct
James Swayzak - Live @ sub club Bratislava Slovakia 19th Nov
argentina - 2nd december - tbc
chile - 3rd december - tbc
chile 4th december -tbc
Lugano Fell is the side project of James Taylor, best known as one half of Swayzak, but this is when the connection ends. While the duo have been dispensing dance floor-friendly tunes for the most part of the last decade and a half, his concern here is entirely different.

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